TOC Ford Transit PedalGuard


Ford Transit PedalGuard

The PedalGuard is a High Security Anti-Theft Device for the Ford Transit 190.

It is a 3mm thick, welded steel box that clamps around, locks and immobilises the foot pedals to prevent the vehicle from being driven.

 It is not permanently installed and is easily transferred from one Ford Transit to another.

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  • Visual & physical deterrent against Ford Transit Theft

Strong and very secure hinged 2 piece PedalGuard 315 x 155 x 220mm - 3mm thick steel casing

  • Locks around and conceals Ford Transit 190 pedals
  • High quality product with carrying handle
  • PedalGuard (PG1) is supplied with an integral toughened steel Chubb Hercules padlock - with 2 keys
  • PedalGuard (PG2) is fitted with a padlock staple and padlock shield (padlock not supplied)
  • Highly visible bright yellow polyester finish
  • Window warning stickers included


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